Hi my name is Jess Trost and Dance Culture Co is my passion (Previously Ghetto Dance Academy).

Ghetto was born in 2008, re-branded to align with what we offer.  A culture of Dance.  I’ve been teaching dance for the past 19 years.
I am a trained Dance Instructor, qualified to teach up to the level of VET in schools through Australian Dance Vision. 
My mission for Dance Culture Co was and always will be to teach students how to dance in a fun, positive, nurturing, kind and inclusive environment!

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Dance Culture Co prides itself on a passion based environment where students can come along and learn the art of dance in a non competitive setting. We are all here for the same reason and that is because we love to dance. Dance Culture Co is an environment where we don't compare or compete with others or each other, but share our passion for dance and just have fun doing so!

From the moment you step into our studio you will feel welcomed, accepted and valued as part of the team!! We believe each and everyone has their own talent and brings their own little flavour of character to the dance floor.

Dance Culture Co is a nurturing environment for your child to grow and learn in a positive environment where they know they aren’t going to be judged by others. We are all about encouraging each other and giving each other support and keeping it fun. 

Building life long friendships and building little characters of a encouraging, supportive, kind, creative, inspiring and positive nature!
Our classes are full of giggles and fun and I can guarantee you will leave the studio feeling positive and included.

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Please wear activewear to dance class along with socks and joggers and remember to bring a water bottle.
If you have dance shoes please feel free to wear them, but by no means do you need them!

Or if you're a princess and love to dance in your best Frozen costume, please feel free to rock it!

We are currently offering first trial lesson free!!!

Our terms run with the school terms and are invoiced as a term payment.

Don't worry if you miss a lesson as we have an online platform where you can view weekly videos to catch up at home!

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Break Dancing is incorporated into our Hip Hop lessons. Especially in our boys classes.

Break requires a high level of strength and agility.

 We also run Break workshops throughout the year so check out our social media accounts to be updated with those!

Our terms run with the school terms.

We ask students to get involved as much as possible in our fundraising. From selling chocolates to your neighbours, to coming along and supporting movie nights and discos.
All of the funds raised go to the costume fund to keep costume fees to a minimum for parents and students for our end of year concert.

If you made it this far then I think you’re set!! 😉
Our Dance Culture Co family can’t wait to meet you and look forward to seeing you on the dance floor soon!

Jess Trost - Dance Culture Co.